Grilled Salmon with a Blueberry & Corn Salsa

We love salmon and I find when we can’t decide what to have for dinner, salmon is it.  It cooks up quickly and is perfect for doctoring up with fresh salsas or sauces. 

Peanut Butter Coconut Granola Bars

Every summer I find myself making new versions of granola bars.  I suppose it’s because we spend a lot of time outdoors and granola bars are the perfect treat to stuff in your purse, backpack, glove box, bicycle bags, yes and even your back pocket – while providing plenty...

How to Make an Avocado Rose

Yesterday I shared with you how to make a Salad in a Jar and topped it off with an Avocado Rose.  Since I had a few people message me asking me how I made the rose I decided I show you today. 

Salads in a Jar

Foods in jars are all the rage these days and for good reason.  With everyone constantly on the go it can be challenging to eat a healthy meal, especially when running from morning well into the evening. Foods in jars or salads in jars are ideal to take to...

Chocolate Brickle OREO Sensations (redo)

I find that I’m not eating sweets all that much anymore.  In an effort to keep healthy, feel energetic instead of sluggish, and to stay trim and fit, eating sugar doesn’t exactly fit into that mold. 

Salmon Poached in Coconut Milk

A while back I made Mahi Mahi Tacos soaked in coconut milk and sauteed in a skillet.  It was so flavorful and succulent that I decided I’d try something similar with my salmon. 

Homemade Basil Olive Oil

Several years ago I made this Tomato Asparagus Salad using basil olive oil that I had made.  Recently when rummaging through my old posts I came across this one and realized I never shared with my readers how to make the Homemade Basil Olive Oil. 

Olea Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Olives

We all have items in our pantry that we know we couldn’t do without.  Which ones are yours? When I was contacted to do a taste test of Olive Oils and Olives from Olea Estates based in Sparta, Greece I couldn’t pass it up. Olive Oil is a main staple...